Mountain Biking Flinders Island is a small locally owned business on Flinders Island, Tasmania. Flinders Island is made up of interesting people, mountains, oceans, flora, fauna, dirt, sand and granite. It is smack bang in the middle of Bass Strait and enjoys the freedom of fresh air, isolation and four distinct seasons. It is a wonderful place.

We, Claire Castle and Amanda Blyth, are Flinders Island fourth and fifth generation respectively, and are the founders of Mountain Biking Flinders Island. We are your personal tour guides and go-to bike hire people. We are two young mums who love our children, our island and mountain biking! To celebrate that, we have created three very different mountain bike tours available for you to experience all year round, and we hope you find one that interests you.

All of our rides are enjoyable, are in beautiful places and all promise a good day out. None of them are difficult or require too a high fitness level, and you needn’t have ridden a bike for a long time. Our trails are suitable for a wide variety of cycling abilities.

We have six new TREK mountain bikes and they are all sponsored from supportive family members, community members or businesses. One is cheekily sponsored by Derek; our famous Flinders Island wombat. To spread the love, every time Derek gets taken out for a ride, MBFI is donating $5 towards the Wombat Fund, a fund which cares for orphaned wombats. MBFI is a clean, community minded and eco-friendly business that genuinely has a passion for our environment and people. We’re keeping it real.


Flinders Island is perfect for many things, and combining camping with mountain biking is one of them! Behind the dunes and coastal heath of Killiecrankie Bay, in the North West, sits an organic olive grove and campsite. For the first twenty guests who make a tour booking, Killiecrankie Camping is offering their campsites for free; the beginnings of a great summer!