Check out some of our reviews from past guests.

“Thanks Claire and Amanda! I appreciate the opportunity to do something different, outside of my comfort zone and also support your fantastic business model!” – Sally Shaw from Property Wise

“I had a such a challenging but fabulous day, I want to do it all over again, when can you book me in for Mt Tanner?” – Gina Dargaville (A local who did come out on a second tour)

“A massive thanks to the girls at MBFI for an awesome day seeing parts of Flinders I never would have seen otherwise. Big tick off the bucket list!” – Lauren Swan

“Well done Amanda and Claire for all the effort and thought you have put in getting this exciting business up and going! Offering a number of different tour options for visiting families and friends/couples/groups to see another side to Flinders. Participants will get adventures, awesome views of the places not accessible by car, local history, local stories, delicious local food and two of the brightest smiles going around”. – Lois Ireland

“Recently I had the absolute pleasure of being a guinea pig for a new island business MBFI. Amanda & Claire have chosen a fantastic trail to re-inspire jaded legs. I can’t wait to book a tour with my teenage girls over summer; it’s a perfect family day out!  If you’re on the island over summer make sure you add this to your list.” -Mel Telfer 

“I was completely out of my comfort zone, not having rode a bike for 20 years. The bikes were sturdy with wide tyres and easy to ride. I had the best day! Amanda and Claire were professional, caring and far out those girls can provide a wicked feed! I highly recommend this tour for everybody. These girls are ‘keeping it real’. Well done!” –Josie Cox